Formula 10.0.6 – Get Your Glow On Face Peel Review!

So over this past week I was browsing around at Target when I spotted Formula 10.0.6’s line of products (that packaging though 😍), and I grabbed myself their “Get Your Glow On Face Peel.” I haven’t used a peel mask light this one, so I was excited to try it!

The mask goes on like a clear gel, that you evenly spread across your face. You leave it on for 10 minutes or so, and then peel from the jaw line up! It’s not like those super strong/harsh face masks that I’ve seen circling around. It was very gently and caused no pain at all! I payed special attention to my nose and chin areas which are my biggest problem areas, and I noticed a difference pretty instantly. My skin felt AMAZINGLY smooth and soft, and my pores looked tightened and smaller, and it helped with my clogged pores! I’m one of those weird people who likes to see all the nasty stuff that comes off on their masks, and this mask did not disappoint! πŸ˜‚Β It has papaya in it to help resurface skin, and citrus to boost the brightness of of skin.

They have so many other amazing products as well, and I’ve been eyeballing theirΒ One Smooth Operator Pore Clearing Face Scrub, it looks amazing! And like I mentioned earlier, their packaging is just so appealing to the eye. It’s all so colorful and looks like it’ll smell super amazing.



If you’ve tried any of their products, please leave a comment below with what you tried and what you thought! I’d love to hear from you. πŸ’™


Marc Anthony: Deep Conditioning Treatment review.Β 

I got this little guy in my ipsy bag this month, (I’ll do a video review on the whole bag later) and it’s by far my favorite item I received. I love makeup products, but since I dye my hair a lot, it’s nice to get a product to help keep it healthy. I thought my hair was pretty soft before (especially for being bleached so much), but this stuff took it to a whole new level of silky soft!

It distributes really well, and I didn’t have to use too much despite my hair being super thick. (Usually it takes half a bottle of conditioner to notice a difference, πŸ™„ I’m sure some of you feel my pain). Not to mention it smells amazing! It also protects color treated hair and you only use it once a week, so even this little sample bottle is going to last me quite sometime. A regular sized bottle goes for about $8 at Ulta, which is a really good price for a deep conditioner that actually does it’s job. It’s also sulfate free, which is an extra plus! I’ll definitely be switching to this for my deep condition go to. 😊

Real Techniques Makeup Brushes Review


So the other day when I was in Ulta, they were having a buy one get one 50% off brush sale for select brands. Real Techniques was one of those brands, and since I’ve heard so many good things about them (and they’re easy on the bank account) I finally got myself a small set and one of their beauty blenders!
I’ll admit I haven’t ever used a super high end beauty blender, but I for sure have used some crappy ones. The Real Techniques blender I got is amazing! (Or miracle complexion sponge as they call it). It’s super soft and works even better slightly damp. It doesn’t absorb or take away too much of your foundation (or whatever you’re applying) while blending. I also got the one with the flat edge, and it really does work well for contouring around your eyes and nose like it states. It definitely was worth it for the price. It also cleans super well and doesn’t even look like it’s ever been used.  I’m glad I finally got one!

Now… onto the brushes.

I got a four brush set that also came with a travel case/stand. I mostly got this set because I’ve been in need of a good highlighting/illuminating brush, but the other three brushes are just as nice to have.

The pointed foundation brush applies foundation smoothly and is easy to maneuver around the inner of your eye, and I also like to use it for some slight highlighting depending on what I’m trying to achieve that day.
The detailed brush is awesome! It’s the smallest brush I’ve owned, and even though it says it’s more for covering blemishes and apply lipstick I actually like to you use it when applying detail in my eyeless crease with eyeshadow.
The buffing brush is so soft, and applies powdered foundation seamlessly! It just glides so well. It’s quickly become my favorite foundation brush. 😊


And last but not least… The contour brush. 😍 I haven’t tried using it for anything but highlighting as of right now, and that’s just because it’s just so amazing at it! I’ve used some pretty terrible brushes in the past that just hang on to too much product, so it’s nice to finally have my hands on something more than halfway decent that applies the way you want it to and so evenly.

I also really do love the case, it’s a convenient way to store the brushes and even has some extra room if I ever wanted to store more brushes in the case. I love that it’s white too, I have an obsession for everything white. 😍

All in all I’m very impressed and happy with my purchase, they’re great quality especially for the price.

I paid around $20 for the brushes and around $3 or so for the complexion sponge (I got it for 50% off).

So if you’re looking for some decent starter brushes, I highly recommend these! β€οΈοΈπŸ’‹