Miss Spa Sheet Mask Review


Dirty Works: Overnight Facial Lift (Night Cream) Review


I’m just nearing the end of my Dirty Works Night Cream that I swiped at TJMaxx for I think it was $6 or so, a much better price than the $14 Amazon is asking. Although with all things that come from TJMaxx, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll never see it there again… And so far I haven’t seen this night cream again.

At first when I started using this product I wasn’t sure if it was giving me some bad chin blemishes. I don’t get acne often so when I do it’s usually those horrible internal things on your chin that make you want to scream, and I’m still not sure if it was pure coincidence or not. But after using this product for weeks I finally stopped getting any blemishes on my chin, so maybe it was another product I happened to be using at the same time…

SO! Besides those nasty blemishes in the beginning, I really do LOVE this night cream! At first I didn’t notice any major differences, but it even states on the tube that you won’t really see any results until 8 weeks of use, and I’ve been using it for about 6 weeks now and am finally noticing some changes. I don’t have a lot of fine lines or wrinkles, but I did notice the skin around my eyes firm up quite a bit after a couple of weeks and that’s exactly what I was looking for! It has collagen in it, which is really awesome for your skin  (it’s great for your joints, hair, skin, and nails in supplement form, but obviously ask your doctor).  I’m always worried about how much pulling I do on the skin around my eyes, just with applying makeup and taking it off everyday/every other day. So I’m always looking for ways to help prevent any kind of damage in the future as I age, so I was really happy when I started noticing the effects of this product! It’s also been great for my skin during these drying winter months, and I’ve really had no issues with dry skin like I usually do this time of year.


I use this cream every night after washing my face, and before I brush my teeth so it gives it some time to dry before I go to sleep. Sometimes it can make your face feel a little sticky at first, but once it’s dry you can’t really notice it and by the time it’s morning there’s not residue at all. I definitely would purchase this again if I ever found it at TJMaxx or a discounted price, but as for now I like to try new things just to write reviews on. So if you have any favorite night creams, feel free to comment them below. I’d love to try them! 🙂


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BS-Mall Brush Review


Hey guys! Sorry it’s been a little while since I’ve posted, I’ve been pretty focused on my Youtube channel and I’m terrible about balancing both. Over Christmas my little sister bought me a set of BS-Mall Brushes, and I’ve heard they’re supposed to look like Sigma brushes, but I have never gotten a chance to use Sigma brushes (although I’ve always heard good things).

I personally do like the BS-Mall brushes and I think they’re great quality for the price, the set I got was $10 for 10 brushes but I did just recently see the same set for half the price. I like to use the flat face brush for my NYX liquid foundation, but it doesn’t blend super well so I usually do have to go over my face with my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. The round face brush works just like any other foundation brush and applies it pretty evenly. The angled flat face brush works well for contouring and bronzing and blends really well. The angled round face brush works great for applying blushes. The tapered face brush is great for applying foundation under eye and for highlighting using powdered highlighter. The small angled stipple brush is awesome for blending in nose contour.



The small regular stipple brush is good for applying concealer to blemishes. The small fluffy brush is one of my favorite brushes out of this set and it blends eyeshadow well. The angled eyeshadow brush works well too for blending, especially in the outer corner of your eye. The small tapered brush applies eyeshadow well and none of these brushes hold on to product too badly. I think the only issue with the flat face brush is that it’s maybe not dense enough? It just applies foundation somewhat… gappy (Is that a word?) You can just see the brush streaks on your face and if you let it dry it just looks splotchy, It doesn’t give the best coverage.


I still think that these brushes are a great especially for the price and I’m planning on getting some of the finer eyeshadow brushes so I can do more detailed eyeshadow. Check out the link below to see these brushes in action in my video! 🙂

BS-Mall Brush Set Review Video

theBalm: Nude ‘tude Eyeshadow Palette Review

I ordered my Nude ‘tude palette off of Amazon this past week, from theBalm’s official Amazon account. It was $32 there with free shipping since I’m a prime member, and $36 + shipping off their regular website. So if you’re looking to save a few dollars I suggest Amazon! Just make sure you order from theBalm because there are fakes out there, and they’re nowhere near as pretty or pigmented as the actual palette. (You can search YouTube videos to see how closely these fakes look like the real deal). 

I liked that it was a bit less expensive than your typical high end palette, but after I got it I could see why. The shadows are all very beautiful and it even came with a small brush (not pictured) but they seem really small to me… 

It’s hard to tell in the photo above but each eyeshadow tin is smaller than an inch, and the lighter shades don’t seem super pigmented to me, although they layer nicely and with a little water they’re more pigmented, I just wasn’t impressed. 

Sassy, Snobby, Stubborn, Stand-of fish
Selfish, Sultry, Sophisticated, Seductive
Sexy, Silly, Serious, Sleek

The light colors really are pretty once you get them to show up, but in the pictures above that’s about 4-5 layers. The rest of the shadows are super pigmented and and lovely! 

Here’s a closer look at some of the girls. 😉 I absolutely love the packaging and think it’s really cute and well done! I do like this palette and I’m going to try a “lighter” look the next time I get to use it, and possibly record a tutorial on it. 

Here’s the cut crease look I did using “Sassy,” “Sultry,” and “Sexy.”

All in all I do like the colors, and will probably buy their palettes in the future! I’ve also heard great things about their matte liquid lipsticks, and if you know me you know I’m a sucker for Matte lippies. 😉

Marc Anthony: Deep Conditioning Treatment review. 

I got this little guy in my ipsy bag this month, (I’ll do a video review on the whole bag later) and it’s by far my favorite item I received. I love makeup products, but since I dye my hair a lot, it’s nice to get a product to help keep it healthy. I thought my hair was pretty soft before (especially for being bleached so much), but this stuff took it to a whole new level of silky soft!

It distributes really well, and I didn’t have to use too much despite my hair being super thick. (Usually it takes half a bottle of conditioner to notice a difference, 🙄 I’m sure some of you feel my pain). Not to mention it smells amazing! It also protects color treated hair and you only use it once a week, so even this little sample bottle is going to last me quite sometime. A regular sized bottle goes for about $8 at Ulta, which is a really good price for a deep conditioner that actually does it’s job. It’s also sulfate free, which is an extra plus! I’ll definitely be switching to this for my deep condition go to. 😊