The Birth of Elias Jude Cross

Emily Bledsoe Photography

(Emily Bledsoe Photography)

At 10 pm on the 6th of March I started having some mild contractions, they were about 10 minutes apart but stopped on their own at 11 pm. So I went to sleep not thinking much of it, I had experienced some false labor pains earlier that week and had been having inconsistent contractions on and off for the entire month. I was only 37 weeks along. I felt like I’d most likely go early, but at the same time I didn’t want to get my hopes too high and was also convinced I’d go the full 40 weeks or longer.

At 4:23 am I woke up to losing part of my mucus plug, and called my mom just to let her know, but wasn’t sure if it meant I was officially going into labor or not. I had read that you can lose your mucus plug anywhere from a couple hours to 3 weeks before real labor. So again, I didn’t want to get my hopes up if I had a long next couple of weeks ahead of me.

Justin decided to still go into work, and I went back to bed to get as much sleep as I could before Luca would be up.

At around 10 am my mom and Liv (my sister) came over. My contractions were about an hour apart by that point. We got some things ready and hung out for awhile, and then my mom eventually went back home taking Luca with her, since it didn’t seem like I was progressing too rapidly.

Liv and I worked on getting the rest of everything ready and played some PS4 games while we waited for things to pick up.

Eventually my contractions started getting closer and closer together, and when they hit the 15 minute mark we decided to get the birthing pool ready. We filled it about half way with regular hose water, and then started boiling pots of water to dump into it to bring the temperature up.

We called my mom again around 2 pm to come back, as my contractions were starting to be about 10 minutes apart. I had taken some herbal tincture (black and blue cohosh) to make my contractions more consistent, and around 3 pm they were starting to become about 7-8 minutes apart.

That’s when I called Justin and told him he should start heading home ASAP. Thankfully he was able to finish work, and made it home about 4 pm. I then took another dose of the herbal tincture, and it really got things going. (The cool thing about this tincture is it won’t progress labor unless your already in true labor).

My contractions were becoming more and more intense, and I labored through most of them on the birthing ball with Liv and Justin giving me counter pressure on my back/hips when I felt I needed it.

Eventually they really started to intensify, so I got in the pool to help myself relax and get some relief. My contractions were about 4-3 minutes apart by then. Every time I’d feel a new wave coming, Justin would press against my lower back and hips until they would pass while Liv and my mom would coach me to stay as relaxed as possible and to keep my voice low while I worked through the contractions.

I eventually moved to the bed and labored some more trying different positions.

Liv and my mom coached me to try a squatting position so gravity would do its thing, and help things along. But by that time I was already getting tired and had trouble even standing up, I felt weak, and was in quite a bit of pain.

I ended up getting back into the pool, and was able to sit more in a squatting position, and that’s when things really started progressing. My water never broke all at once, but was more of a slow trickle. I’m assuming the baby’s head was blocking it from all coming out at once.

I had transition labor for about 2 hours, but it felt way longer. Every time I started to get discouraged and felt like I wasn’t progressing Liv, Mom, and Justin encouraged me and told me I was doing great and he was coming.

Eventually Justin got in pool with me, and I ended up leaning my back against his chest and he’d give counter pressure as Liv would push against my knees every contraction. I still didn’t feel like the baby was coming.

With everyone’s help I was able to get in a better upright squatting position, and tried pushing a few times to see if anything would happen. But the third push, I could feel the baby moving down quickly. I pushed twice more as hard as I could, and finally my sweet baby was born, into his daddy’s arms.

I rested against the side of the pool while Justin held our little boy, and Liv and my mom got blankets to wrap the baby. He was born at 10:12 pm on March 7th.

He weighed 6.8 lbs at birth, and by his one week checkup he was over 7 lbs. 😍 I had absolutely no tearing.

He’s been nursing very well in spite of having a tongue and lip tie, and is so so healthy and perfect. 💙

Emily Bledsoe Photography

(Emily Bledsoe Photography)

His birth was everything I prayed and hoped for. I wish my first birth could’ve been this way, but I’m so happy that my second was exactly how God intended birth to be. 💙

Emily Bledsoe Photography

(Emily Bledsoe Photography)


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