My favorite liquid liner: Rimmel GlamEyes Liquid Eyeliner


I’ve tried many different liquid eyeliners, and Rimmel Glam Eyes is what I keep coming back to! It just applies seamlessly, and I feel like I have ultimate control with the fine brush that comes with it. It’s easy to apply a casual unnoticeable thin line, or go for a more dramatic winged look (my total fave 😍). The past two months I got 2 different felt tip liquid eyeliners in my ipsy bag, and I tried so hard to use them and like them… but it was a total mess. I may as well have been trying to use a fat crayola marker on my eyelid, that’s how lovely it turned out. People make those things look so easy to use, but not for me! I must be pretty handicapped when it comes to felt tip. 😏
If you’ve never used a liquid eyeliner before I highly suggest Rimmel, and I also suggest practicing a few times and not getting frustrated and giving up the first few times you use it. I promise you the first time I used liquid eyeliner, I looked like a panda. No joke. 🙈

I’ve also tried using gel eyeliner, and I’m pretty handicapped when it comes to them as well, although not nearly as bad as the felt tip fiasco. (And I honestly probably would get better with practice) but the way I see it is, if I found an eyeliner I love, why try mastering them all? 😁

Getting your point on winged eyeliner is pretty much the most important part of winged eyeliner… and you don’t want a rounded blob on the outer corner of your eye. (Now you have a pretty good visual of what it looks like when I try using felt tipped eyeliner). I eventually am planning on recording an eyeliner tutorial so you can get an actual decent visual of me without botched makeup. 😅

My usual winged liner

More of a soft winged liner


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