Laneige Multi Cleanser




I’ve gotten many cleansers complimentary of 0.8Liter, but Laneige’s Multi Cleanser has by far been my favorite! I’m so impressed with it, and I’ll have to keep buying it because it’s THAT amazing.

First off, a little bit goes a LONG way, and it lathers SO well. My video doesn’t really show the lathering part just because my tripod broke, and I wasn’t about to somehow rig my camera in my bathroom at 11 o’clock at night. So maybe if I make a new video using it I’ll try to include how frothy it gets, and I’ll update this post. 😉

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Second, it felt like it had a slight exfoliant to it, which I appreciated and it felt like it got my skin extra clean by scrubbing out my pores.

Third, it cleans SO well. It cleaned all my makeup off with one good scrub, and as you can see in my demo video, even after I used toner on a cotton pad hardly any makeup residue was left! I’m really impressed with that. Usually when I wear eye makeup, and use a cleanser to clean it off, it always smears down under my eye no matter how much cleaner I use, and I have to go over it with something else to get it clean. (Usually coconut oil).  But that was NOT the case with this cleanser.

Not only is this cleanser known to wipe away any makeup or sunscreen, it actually helps in brightening your skin as well.

It has in it papaya which contains Vit. A along with Papain enzyme. (which helps remove dead skin cells, which in turn rejuvenates your skin!) It also hydrates your skin.

The other more minor ingredient it has is Green Tea Leaf Extract, which is known to have anti aging benefits, such as decreasing wrinkles, slowing down the aging of skin, it also helps your body to produce collagen. It’s also an anti-inflammatory and helps protect your skin against sun and free radicals. Not to mention it helps with that natural healthy glow!

Overall, I’m super happy with this product, and it’s officially my new “go to” cleanser! I’m always excited when I find new products that I absolutely love and become a staple in my daily regime.

You can find this cleanser at Laneige’s website or at Sephora.



Momming & Blogging



I try to give myself grace, and deadlines. But lately I’ve thrown all my deadlines along with the grace out the window…

Between momming, wifing, blogging, and being preggo. I’ve fallen behind on so much. It’s ridiculous.

It’s like no matter how much I sleep, I’m always tired. 😫

Thankfully my husband hasn’t been working as many 12 hour shifts, so instead of leaving at 9 am to get to work by 10, or getting to work by 2 pm and not getting home until 3 am (and then needing to sleep in until he has to get up and leave again). He’s been able to help with Luca during the morning a little bit more.

I’ve been dealing with a lot of back/hip pain due to pregnancy, and it seems like my whole life has slowly unraveled. The laundry mountain has grown, the dishes have piled, and instead of tackling it all. I just want to roll over and go back to sleep. 🙈

Thankfully this Sunday we’re having a big Chili Cook Off / House Warming get together, which will be enough motivation for me to get the house in order. (It’s really hard to motivate myself, when it’ll get destroyed in 5 seconds by a mini version of my husband.)

So with all my wifely/motherly duties falling behind, I’ve pretty much been failing at blogging.

The main reason I’m writing the blog post right now, is because I decided to come over to my mom’s house to get some work done… But then I realized I forgot my Camera battery, and my SD card is just broken enough that the reader in my computer can’t read it. Figures. 😂

I feel like whenever I read other mom’s blogs, they seem so well put together (even their blog posts do!!) and I’m over here with my house, and blog falling apart. 😂

But… I did a poll, and a lot of people voted for more lifestyle posts (I think they meant more on Instagram 😏). So here’s a bit of a real glimpse into my life. It’s not glamours by far, and it has a lot of its downs. But it also has so many ups.

Like the fact that we’re about to be having another baby, and the fact that my husband works so hard so I can stay home with our little guy. And the fact that I have a husband who supports my blogging, and genuinely loves me to death.

I’m coming up on my year anniversary of blogging, and I’ll admit I was hoping I’d be further with it than I am. But at the same time, I’m proud of how far I’ve come, and I’ve met so many people along the way!

Thanks for reading my mindless rants, and for those of you who really support me.

It all means so much. xx


Cassie Lelis

Media Kit

Hey everyone! I finally put together my media kit. I figured I’d share a sample of what I created here for reference for anyone who’s been wanting to create a media kit but wasn’t sure where to start!

I started with using the website, it has a bunch of free and super affordable layouts that you can use and easily customize. It’s super user friendly! I know theres an app for iPhone (and possibly Android), but it doesn’t quite offer the same features as on the computer website.

After setting up my layout on Canva, I went to the website which connects your Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook accounts to give you an estimate of your worth. I wrote down my stats on the bottom of my layout (they need to be updated). I also averaged out what Social Blue Book said my worth for posts was and made a matching price sheet to send to companies along with my media kit (I decided to do this on my own, and have only used it a handful of times, as I’m still growing my social media following and do a lot of reviews purely for exposure.)

On my original media kit I do have my address listed in the bottom right corner, but for the sample I’ll be posting here I won’t have it written.

Simple White and Mint with Grunge Texture Media Kit-2

I’m hoping someday I’ll have the need to get a P.O. Box, which I think would look a lot nicer than my personal address. 😉

But anyways! I hope you find this post helpful, and I’m excited to see what you come up with!

Feel free to share you Media Kits below!

Cassie xx

Cassie Lelis

Baby #2 Is Due! (Update)


I haven’t been posting on here at all lately… And I feel so bad for it!
I’ve been focusing my energy on my Instagram account. And I’m about to be trying to revamp my Youtube channel.
But! I’m going to try to get some more written reviews and links to my Youtube reviews up on here as well. (maybe some of my IG reviews).

I’m about to be starting on a new program with a company and will be supplied with quite a bit of products to make content on! I’m really excited and it’s a pretty big step in the right direction for my beauty blogging.

This coming November I’ll be hitting my 1 year anniversary of beauty blogging. Sometimes I feel like I haven’t come nearly as far as I was hoping in a year, and other times I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot. I’m hoping to accomplish even more this next coming year!

Another reason why I haven’t been keeping up with Youtube and my blog as well is… I’m expecting baby number 2!
I thought my first pregnancy was tiring, but now that I have to chase a 2 year old around on top of being pregnant I feel like I could nap literally all day long.

And on top of being behind already, we moved the end of August and then my husband started working 6 days a week at his job, so we’re still not fully unpacked, and I haven’t gotten my new set up finished yet. It’s been a very busy past 2 months.

I’m excited for the change, and the new house and new baby. But it’s definitely taking up a lot of my focus and time, and more often than not I’m looking for a chance to rest.

But anyways~ I wanted to share a little bit with those of you who might still be around reading this. And hopefully I’ll eventually get some pictures of our new house up!

Cassie xx

Cassie Lelis

Child Safety Strap


This post is a little off topic, but might be helpful to some fellow parents!

I was sent a child safety strap for reviewing purposes, you can purchase it HERE from Amazon. So far it’s pretty awesome! I saw that one other person had reviewed the strap and said their child had figured out how to open the cabinet within minutes of the strap being installed. But that hasn’t been the case for us. Mostly just because my kiddo isn’t that persistent, we literally had a hair hand wrapped around the cabinet knobs for months and he never tried to take it off. 😂🙈

The clip was super easy to install and doesn’t require drilling or any other tools. It just sticks on with a sticky adhesive on the back of the clip. Which I really appreciate because I absolutely can’t stand those other child safety locks that usually end up broken from people forcing the cabinet open. 😏

It clips to lock and has a button you push to unclip it. So far I’m super happy with this product and feel like it’s a little more secure than a hair band. 😁

I would let it sit for a little bit after sticking the adhesive to the cabinet just to give it some time to set. It felt a little loose when we first installed it, but after a little while we tested pulling on the cabinet door and it held fast.